Why Go Barefoot?

An introduction to barefoot minimalist shoes, the theory and mechanics of it and some reviews.

Which Tools for Autonomy?

I’ve come to realise over time that having the right tool for the right job makes a hell of a difference. It saves time and effort, prevents injuries and saves money in the long run. As a relative beginner to countryside living, I’ve been curious to know which power tools are essential, which ones are…

How to Hack Evolutionary Biases

The more I delve into the mechanisms of health, the more I realise the importance of understanding how we have evolved to be. So much of the research seems to point towards the fact that a large proportion of our modern illnesses are a direct result of us moving further away from our evolutionary roots….

To Nuke or Not to Nuke

Humankind today faces three common problems that make a mockery of all national borders, and that can only be solved through global cooperation. These are nuclear war, climate change and technological disruption. Yuval Noah Harari As tensions between India and Pakistan intensifies and US and North Korea fails to reach an agreement on denuclearisation, I…