About Me

Hi, I’m Chikara Shimasaki. During my time as a primary school teacher, I became aware that I didn’t have definitive answers on how to solve (or at least build resilience against) the big problems of the world that the children are likely to encounter when they grow up. Climate change, food security, extinction of species, energy crisis, water scarcity, environmental degradation and pollution… the list can go on.

So I decided to build a camper, go and see some of the possible solutions, experience it and share my learning with you. And have lots of fun in the process. Because there is an alternative, and we all have a role to play in creating a new and better world: one which we’ll be proud to leave to future generations.

I describe myself as a Japonica rare breed with vigorous growth in hot summer sun, rather nutrient hungry during the autumn but tends to wither and fade in colour during the dark winter months. Feed it with plenty of good food and beer for optimum flowering.

I don’t have much time  to answer messages at the moment but I will try my best.