A Missed Turning Point

UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change warned that the next decade is critical to limit the climate catastrophe that is already beginning to unravel all over the globe. I have a feeling that historians 100 years on from now will look back on this particular election and the frivolous and trifling Brexit debate leading up…

Last Few Week’s Update: April/May

It’s been a very busy few weeks, driving around Ariege and learning new things.


So my plan was to live in the van for a minimum of two years (possibly more) as I travel and learn different ways of living sustainably. This meant that I would be spending an awful lot of time inside a small metal box and I wasn’t too keen on that idea. Unless, of course,…

The Journey Begins

A blank scary canvas. I’ve been very busy since last September, building, earning and occasionally having fun. There’re so many things that I have learnt in the process and I will initially be back tracking to report things to you. I’ll try and post as frequently as possible but as I’ve written in the subtitle,…

First post

I’m now transferring all the posts over to WordPress from Wix. A process I should perhaps have started a long time ago. It’ll be a lengthy process that I plan to do little by little. I’ll also try and get a subscription going as soon as all the previous posts have been uploaded.