Why Go Barefoot?

An introduction to barefoot minimalist shoes, the theory and mechanics of it and some reviews.

Volunteer Travelling

I left the UK at the end of September and it has been 8 months travelling mostely in France. I am now heading back to the UK in mid June to earn some money and the current plan is to explore the Spanish side of the Pyrenees – Catalunya – next year. As the time…

Straw Bale Build: Foundation

On our days off from the caravan rebuild, we’ve been helping a local French man Philippe who is building a straw bale house. He built his garage using the same technique last year as a test. This year, he’ll be building his house of about 45m squared 5.5 x 8, a little bigger than what…

Last Few Week’s Update: May/June

La Montaigne Magique In May, we stayed for two weeks at La Montaigne Magique. We picked super nutritious nettle and bramble shoots to be dried, sorted through wild rosemary buds, created balms using various macerations and helped set up a terrace herb garden. The hosts were always generous in sharing their knowledge and allowed us…

Tree a Week: Pine

Methuselah is one of the world’s oldest living organisms at around 4,600 years old.


A short introduction to composting with some really useful tips that could get you well ahead.

Tree a Week: Poplar

Interesting facts There are around 25 to 35 species of poplar (not including hybrids), from the genus Populus which is in the willow family Salicaceae. Poplar are native to most of the Northern hemisphere, commonly named species include cottonwood, aspen and balsam. They are rapid growing, growing 7m in 5 years however their lifespan is rather…