The winner of Mr Shimasaki’s best cinematography and best documentary award (if there was one) goes to Patagonia’s new film about trees. Superbly shot in the mountains of Japan, British Columbia and Nevada, the sensually framed ancient trees, with insights from scientists, other specialists and a shinto priest, gave me the same feeling of wonder and excitement of going into an old forest with a guide.

I am slightly biased due to my already existing love of nature but what I found so captivating about this film was the director, Jordan Manley’s ability to draw the viewer into a slower, deeper tempo where every shot and every word have relevance and profound meaning worth reflecting over.

If this subject fascinates you, ‘The Hidden Life of Trees’ by Peter Wohlleben is a highly recommended read. It delves deeper into how trees communicate with each other, drawing on latest scientific research and Wohlleben’s own experience of managing forests. It’s easy to read and short enough not to overwhelm but enough there to give you a renewed appreciation of forests next time you visit.

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