The Film You Should Watch


The long awaited film ‘Fantastic Fungi’ featuring my personal hero is out on vimeo and I can’t recommend it enough. From the astonishingly beautiful visualisation of the underground root systems networking through mycelium to a myriad of exquisitely captured mushroom’s growth, the documentary sweeps through the vast world of fungi with clarity and elegance. If you haven’t seen it, pay the small fee and watch it. I guarantee you won’t regret it. And share the link, since the more people understand the miraculous properties of fungi, the closer we are to finding sustainable solutions.

I first came across Paul Stamets a while back through his book Mycelium Running and have been following his presentations since. It really sparked something in me which lead to foraging mushrooms, photographing them and eventually growing them. If you are curious, check out my mushroom growing experiments here.

  1. Home Mushroom Cultivation – How to Multiply Spawn
  2. Home Mushroom Cultivation – Inoculating the Substrate
  3. Home Mushroom Cultivation – Growth/Harvest

If you decide to learn to forage, I’d highly recommend checking several different sources when identifying wild mushrooms until you are 100% sure. If you are a novice forager, stick to these that are easy to identify and very few lookalike species that could poison you. Read up and get to know them REALLY well.

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